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Medical Appliance Product Development

Medical Appliance Product Development: ESCA Inc. was the product design and development arm of a Midwest medical appliance start-up company. Two related products were successfully launched and produced. Both products were centered around the company's patented MD.2 medication dispenser. The MD.2 is used in the home and designed to be very user friendly. One version delivers medication exclusively, while the second version includes a fully integrated Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). A major home healthcare company purchased the MD.2 in 2009.

ESCA Inc. has been involved with this start up effort from product inception through full support of production. Electrical, software and mechanical concepts and designs were developed at ESCA Inc. Plastic part design and tooling fabrication were managed by the ESCA Inc. staff.

Transition to production, as well as complete manufacturing, special factory test equipment development, and a repair / refurbishment depot were provided by ESCA Inc.

A sophisticated SQL based client/server database application was also developed to support remote set up of the product in the field, as well as providing daily operational statistical collection and a caregiver back-up for alert handling (e.g. missed dosage alerts).

Software Application Development

Software Application Development: ESCA Inc has also been involved in sophisticated software applications for the consumer market. DigMus is an example of a product developed by ESCA Inc. Digmus is a patented, sophisticated electronic sheet music display apparatus. Computer file-based music sources are interpreted, then converted to electronic sheet music form for the performer to read. The application furthermore listens to the performer's playing of the music, indicating what notes or chords the performer is playing. Automatic page turning is handled so the performer can concentrate on the performance and not flipping conventional paper- based sheet music.

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